An exotic dancer filmed herself testing a popular theory that wearing pigtails gets you more tips from customers

The theory originates from a viral trend on TikTok, popularized by waitresses who would experiment with different hairstyles and report on their earnings. 

Commenters in previous iterations of the trend theorized the reason pigtails performed better is tied to the sexualization of women

who are perceived as "young and naive," but, until now, the theory has never been tested by someone like an exotic dancer.

In the video, TikToker @vipveropor films herself doing her hair in her changing room before a show, accompanied with the overlay text,

“I heard this girl on TikTok talk about how pigtails make her more tips. So I tried it before I got on stage on a slow Sunday night.”

Once she’s done styling her hair, the video cuts to her holding a laundry basket filled with dollar bills, with the overlay text saying, “OMG IT WORKED.”

"Never putting pig tails on my future daughter," she captioned the video.