Tower Of Fantasy’ Slammed With Long Queue Times, technical Server problem On Launch Day

Today is release day for Tower of Fantasy, the brand new MMORPG that ambitions to channel the gacha fulfillment of Genshin Impact into a brand new global and genre.

 Tower of Fantasy is lots extra multiplayer-centered than Genshin and made with the aid of using fellow Chinese developer Perfect World.

 But to echo Genshin’s fulfillment will take lots extra than a comparable searching global and characters.

Tower of Fantasy has been slammed with a few quite not unusualplace MMO release problems in view that servers went on line past due ultimate night. 

Players are jogging into 24 hour queue times, or getting thru queues handiest to have their sport crash and reset. 

Others are becoming in, however, then getting booted out of servers.

 Some are being instructed to extrade servers to lessen queue times,

 however that isn't always extraordinarily beneficial when you have already made a character/development on one unique server. 

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