Sydney Sweeney Defends Family Photos: 'Kindly Stop Making Assumptions'

Sydney Sweeney tweeted with regards to her family photographs after her Instagram post commending her mother's 60th birthday celebration ignited some reaction via online entertainment.

One of the photographs from the Instagram post, which became a web sensation on Saturday, 

shows Sweeney cutting cake close by her mother, grandma, and a man wearing a Blue Lives Matter shirt.

"No better method for praising my momma than a shock shindig," Sweeney inscribed the post.

In photographs posted by Sweeney's sibling, Trent, participants of the party are likewise seen wearing MAGA spoof caps perusing "Make Sixty Great Again."

Following pushback on Instagram and Twitter because of the photographs, Sweeney tweeted, "You all this is wild.

A guiltless festival for my mothers achievement 60th birthday celebration has transformed into a ridiculous political assertion, which was not the goal.

Kindly quit making suppositions. Much love to everybody and Happy Birthday Mom!" And that is our signal to log off!

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