Salma Hayek Comments on Angelina Jolie

Now that creation's finished, Hayek has a ton to say regarding Jolie's work as a chief and referred to her as "the best chief" the she's consistently worked with.

Hayek talked with Deadline about the experience and couldn't quit spouting over Jolie.

"I totally adored working with [Jolie]; partook in each second of it. It's an intense piece yet it was so scrumptious to come to work each and every day

she said. "She is a virtuoso and I figure this may be her best film yet. She worked effectively, truly."

However, her recognition of Jolie didn't stop there, as Hayek kept on groveling over the star.

"I was totally amazed by her psyche, her devotion, her specialized information, and her control of each and every perspective, as well as her vision which is so clear

She is so great with the entertainers, so enthusiastic, thus engaged."

Hayek likewise paused for a minute to commend how well Jolie treated everybody on set.