Michelle Salas wearing blossoms lures in the accolade for Silvia Pinal

Michelle Salas is a wonderful model that has an exceptionally cozy relationship with his incredible grandma,

 Silvia Pinalso it was more than clear that she wouldn't miss the recognition that they arranged for the entertainer at the Palace of Fine Arts.

It was in that scene where something that grabbed the eye of people in general was that the model showed up with a look with

which he confirmed that he acquired the style of the diva of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

Quite recently, the girl of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas was on the Island of Capri,

yet, a couple of hours prior she shared a few stories in which you could see that she took a flight so as not to miss the recognition for her extraordinary grandma,

the main entertainer Silvia Pinal , who consistently was extremely glad to accompany her family, companions and associates.