Laura McCulloch found in a Los Angeles prison in the wake of being accounted for 'missing' after Tinder date,

Most famous people are masters at posturing for the cameras on honorary pathway, 

yet some have additionally had the sad experience of robbing for booking photographs.

 Australian entertainer Laura McCulloch was accounted for "missing" by her family in the wake of going on a Tinder date in August 2022.

For four days, Laura - - who's featured in a few notable musicals - - was MIA, having not appeared for any of her responsibilities.

 All things considered, she had valid justification for her radio quietness: She was secured in a Los Angeles prison.

 As per the Santa Monica Police Department, officials answered a cafĂ© on Aug.

12 after Laura got excessively boisterous, purportedly tossing a beverage on a man and kid.

Then, while being kept, she purportedly "kicked at officials and touch one official on the shoulder," police said.