Brittany Renner Denies She Gets $20,000 Monthly From PJ Washington In Child Support

In May of 2021, Brittany gave birth to their son and since the couple’s breakup last summer, 

golddigger accusations about Brittany have swirled from people certain that she “targeted” the 24-year-old Pelicans player for his money.

Now the Instagram model is setting the record straight about her relationship with PJ and what he really pays in child support on the Tonight’s Conversation podcast.

Both exes previously clapped back at claims that Brittany trapped and allegedly groomed PJ, who is seven years her junior. 

The Hornets star also immediately shut down claims that Brittany gets $20,000 monthly child support payments. 

Now in Brittany Renner’s latest interview, the hosts of Tonight’s Conversation asked whether most women can live off of child support.

 According to the influencer who previously opened up about struggling financially despite public perceptions, that’s impossible, at least for her.

Renner revealed that Washington only pays $2,500 per month in child support and that’s hardly enough money to “get rich”, especially with a baby in this economy.