Amy Grant Misses Husband Vince Gill's CMT Special

Vince Gill is sharing a report on his better half Amy Award following her bicycle mishap in July.

While on the honorary pathway for his elegant television exceptional CMT Goliaths:

Vince Gill on Monday, the nation artist, 65, drilled down into his significant other's nonappearance on the occasion.

"She's doing perfect," he told Diversion This evening, adding that she's "pretty destroyed" about not making it.

 "With her mishap and all of that, they sort of considered that the best thing for her to do is simply stay composed."

"That is hard for her since she is exceptionally dynamic," he made sense of.

 "She realizes that she is very much considered, all around adored and addressed this evening, so it's great overall."

On July 27, Award, 61, was hospitalized following a bicycle mishap.

She was taken to Vanderbilt Clinic and treated for cuts and scraped spots after she fell while cycling with a companion.

She was wearing a head protector at the hour of the mishap.

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