The Al Yankovic Story’ Trailer: ‘Weird Al’ Makes Out With Madonna

The new film — featuring Daniel Radcliffe and Evan Rachel Wood — puts a sharp weary biopic turn on the satire ruler’s biography

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‘Weird Al’

‘Weird Al’ YANKOVIC happily infuses his biography with all the weary music biopic prosaisms you can imagine in the new trailer for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. The film will show up on Nov. 4 on the Roku Channel.

Featuring Daniel Radcliffe, the trailer shows how the somewhat biopic loans a self-serious hint to the farce expert’s story. From the get-go, his folks attempt to deter his odd way of behaving and are stunned when cops bring him home in the wake of getting him at a — god disallow — “polka party.” But determined by a voracious desire to, as Al puts it at a certain point, “make up new words to a tune that as of now exists,” the performer/comic transforms bologna into pop gold and ascends to superstardom.

Things get considerably more out of control from that point, particularly when Evan Rachel Wood appears as Madonna and Al’s life turns into a haze of sex, medications, and exorbitant pride that drives his family and band away. Obviously, no music biopic would be finished without a recovery circular segment — and you better accept Weird has got one of those, as well.

Alongside Radcliffe and Wood, Weird will co-star Rainn Wilson and Yankovic’s guide, Dr. Demento, as well as Toby Huss and Julianne Nicholson as his folks, Nick and Mary. Quinta Brunson (as Oprah Winfrey), Will Forte, and Spencer Treat Clark additionally show up in the film. Eric Appel coordinated Weird and co-composed the content with Yankovic. in view of the content, Appel and Yankovic co-composed.

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