Britain’s Health Minister Sajid Javid, once again infected with Corona Virus

Britain’s Health Minister Sajid Javid once infected with Corona, told on Saturday that he has been infected with the corona virus and is in home isolation. He said that he has mild symptoms of Covid. Let us inform that Sajid Javid has been infected with the virus after taking both the doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccine.

Javid tweeted, ‘I was found infected with Corona virus this morning. I am waiting for the result of my test, but luckily I got vaccinated and my symptoms are mild.

He wrote, ‘If you haven’t vaccinated, please come forward to get vaccinated.’ The health minister wrote in a tweet, ‘I had taken both doses of the vaccine and so far my symptoms are very mild.’

During the first wave of the pandemic in the year 2020, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also came under the grip of Corona virus infection. Meanwhile, 51 thousand 870 new cases of corona virus infection were reported in Britain, which is the highest figure since January 15. 49 more people are reported to have died due to the pandemic in the country.

About Britain’s Health Minister Sajid Javid
Born in Rochdale, Lancashire, to a British Pakistani family, Javid was raised largely in Bristol. He studied Economics and Politics at the University of Exeter, where he joined the Conservative Party. Working in banking, he rose to become a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank.


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