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‘They get free money’: People will receive more stimulus payments and unemployment insurance. Why is there no accountability?

‘I’ve heard of one case where a young adult purchased a ‘new’ used car with cash. Another one is approaching the $13,000 mark in savings from unemployment.’

Build Up Tassie program offers disadvantaged teens apprenticeship skills and a future

Cianna Fitzpatrick dreamt of being a "lady tradie". Thanks to a program offering disadvantaged teens apprenticeship opportunities, she's making it work.

America is broken – can Biden and Harris put it back together?

In another age, Joe Biden’s promise to heal the nation might have been regarded as the kind of blandishment expected from any new leader taking power after the divisive cut and thrust of an American election. But the next president will repeat the oath of office on Wednesday sealed off from those he governs by a global pandemic and the threat of violence from his predecessor’s supporters. Biden steps into the White House facing the unprecedented...

Tasmania's 150yo Don River Railway plea for funding to survive

For more than 150 years, steam locomotives have travelled along the banks of the Don River in Tasmania, first transporting coal and eventually tourists — now, enthusiasts say without a major injection of funds, the "tourist icon" train line will cease operating.

Universal credit cut will hit ‘red wall’ seats hardest, Tories warned

A plan to slash universal credit will have the biggest impact in the poorest towns in England, the government has been warned, after it emerged that claims for the payment have increased far more in the most deprived areas during the Covid pandemic. The research by Bright Blue, a liberal Conservative thinktank, will heap further pressure on Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, to extend a £20-a-week increase in universal credit introduced last March. It...

Joe Biden executive orders will reverse Trump on climate, Iran, Covid and more

Joe Biden will sign a series of executive orders in his first days in office, attempting to roll back damage done at home and abroad by Donald Trump, whom the Democrat will replace as president on Wednesday. Biden, 78, has already outlined plans to send an immigration bill and a Covid stimulus and relief package to a newly Democratic-controlled Congress. On Friday he said he would shake up the delivery of vaccines against Covid-19, mired in...

Branson's Virgin Orbit tries to reach space with mid-air rocket launch

Branson's Virgin Orbit tries to reach space with mid-air rocket launch

Super fast 5G in the US still a work in progress

Marketing pitches in the US are bullish on superfast 5G telecom networks, but they remain more of a promise than reality. - 'Not sexy enough' - AT&T has taken to calling its enhanced 4G network "5G E" in a widely criticized marketing strategy.

Northern Territory national parks Litchfield and Nitmiluk to charge fees for tourists

The cash-strapped NT Government has confirmed park fees will be on the cards for interstate and international tourists, as one of its budget repair measures.

NSW eyes lighter COVID restrictions

The state needs higher daily testing numbers before rules can be eased, premier Gladys Berejiklian warned, after the state again recorded zero new local cases.

Israel economy likely to grow 4.6% in 2021, says finance ministry

Israel economy likely to grow 4.6% in 2021, says finance ministry

Trump social media ban sparks calls for action against other populist leaders

“I do not celebrate or feel pride,” the Twitter boss Jack Dorsey said this week after banishing Donald Trump. But for many around the world the decision brought hope: might similar action soon be taken against other populist provocateurs they accuse of using social media to stir chaos? “I have to follow YouTube’s rules when I post my videos, or I get banned. Journalists have to obey their outlet’s rules when they publish a story. So why...

UK watchdog may block Google's ad shake-up for years

The Competition and Markets Authority is weighing up proposals to put the update on ice over fears that it could crush advertising revenues at smaller rivals.

ASX ends little changed, slips for week

The ASX closed little changed despite an economic recovery plan in the US, while experts think December jobs figures will show Australia steadily recovering.

Duchess of Cornwall admits she's an 'entrenched technophobe'

Writing in The Times, the Duchess said emotional letters she received during lockdown compelled her to set up her online book club despite the 73-year-old royal admitting to being an 'entrenched technophobe'.

Further drop in unemployment rate expected

Economists expect monthly jobs figures will show the unemployment rate fell to 6.7 per cent in December as 50,000 people joined the workforce.

France suggests pause on US-EU trade standoff

JLS singer turned farmer JB Gill talks to ME AND MY MONEY

Gill, who is a Christian and presents the BBC's Songs Of Praise, told DONNA FERGUSON that if he were made Chancellor of the Exchequer, the first thing he would do is pray.

After Capitol insurrection and fallout, it is time for new laws for social media

Last week's insurrection at the U.S. Capitol has led to the biggest reckoning in the history of the internet, and will likely be a tipping point for new regulation of American social-media companies.

Bobby Kennedy was right: GDP is a poor measure of a nation's health

Next month it will be official. Figures will provide the first estimate of by how much the UK economy shrank in 2020. Depending on what happened when lockdown restrictions were temporarily eased in December, the likelihood is that there was a fall of about 10%. That will be the signal for all sorts of comparisons. Germany, which has already released data, contracted by 5% last year. Numbers for the US are not yet out but will probably show the...

Income far higher than you'll get from the bank...dividend payouts

Searching for a decent income from your savings and investments has rarely been more challenging. It is more akin to summiting the ferocious K2 mountain than a spot of fell walking in the Lakes.

Moves by Kwarteng to attack workers’ rights may well run into a red wall

Tensions inside the cabinet are emerging and the likelihood is that they are going to spark an almighty row about the government’s attitude to business. On one side are the free marketers and authors of Britannia Unchained : the 2012 manifesto for an economy stripped of burdensome regulations. In the document, Dominic Raab, Priti Patel, Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng – now in the cabinet as foreign secretary, home secretary, trade secretary and...

More women becoming pilots but lack of seniority puts them at the back of the queue after coronavirus pandemic

More women are training to become pilots but those stood down during the coronavirus pandemic may be the last to get a call back when it is over.

Biden to sign Inauguration Day orders on pandemic, economy, other crises: aide

President-elect Joe Biden will sign executive orders on Inauguration Day next week to address the pandemic, the ailing US economy, climate change and racial injustice in America, a senior aide said Saturday. "All of these crises demand urgent action," his incoming chief of staff Ron Klain said in a memo to the new White House senior staff, adding that Biden will sign "roughly a dozen" orders after he is sworn in on Wednesday. "In his first ten...

Biden’s $1.9-trillion COVID-19 rescue plan is a ‘lifeline’ for millions of Americans

President-elect Biden said he will call for $1,400 stimulus checks and more vaccine funds in a new coronavirus economic relief package when he takes office this month.

Dylan, Young, Fleetwood: Music publishing sector booming with high-profile sales

The pandemic has left the performance industry reeling but music publishing, a normally under-the-radar side of the business, is roaring thanks to a frenzy of high-profile music catalog sales. The royalty streams of songwriting copyright portfolios can prove lucrative for the long haul, and increasingly are enticing investors even as other industries tank under the pandemic's weight. In many cases, the transactions have come at staggering...

Jordan Finance Minister says 2.5% growth in 2021 depends on continued economic activity during pandemic

Jordan Finance Minister says 2.5% growth in 2021 depends on continued economic activity during pandemic

France wants suspension of 'poisonous' U.S.-Europe trade spat

France wants suspension of 'poisonous' U.S.-Europe trade spat

JEFF PRESTRIDGE: Chancellor MUST help entrepreneurs

For many small businesses, the situation is becoming dire. Hundreds of thousands of them - the heartbeat of our economy - are in danger of losing their livelihoods unless the Government steps in.

Sober lifestyle grows in popularity, with more Australians giving up alcohol

More Australians are turning away from alcohol, and some who have ditched the drink say non-alcoholic beverages make it more socially acceptable to be sober.

The number of properties for sale in Australia is beginning to dry up in every capital city but one, putting upward pressure on prices

Australian property listings have fallen dramatically in the new year, down 18% on the same time last year. Melbourne has proven the lone exception, with new listings surging 55% and total listings up 13%, versus a 17% average decline.

No CCTV for Qld hotel cluster probe

Queensland police have found at least two quarantine hotels are lacking CCTV cameras as they investigate a coronavirus cluster centred on a Brisbane hotel.

Relaxing China tariffs would help US economy, report says

Reducing tariffs on China by even a "moderate" amount would benefit the US economy, according to a study by a business council and an economics firm. The report released Thursday came as the United States awaits the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday, who is expected to detail his trade policy the following day. Commercial ties between Washington and Beijing deteriorated under outgoing president Donald Trump, who launched a...

Bayer aims to help CureVac with COVID-19 vaccine output, says CEO

Bayer aims to help CureVac with COVID-19 vaccine output, says CEO

These are the top 10 fastest growing job searches in Australia, according to Gumtree

Gumtree has revealed the top 10 fastest growing job search terms on its platform. Topping the list are searches for waitressing, hospitality and retail.

Biden’s ‘rescue America’ plan is big. How its trillions could help both Wall Street and Main Street

President-elect Joe Biden's proposal to spent another $1.9 trillion to help fight the pandemic and its shocks is putting Wall Street on inflation-watch. But investors say the U.S. economy and financial markets would be worse off without it.

Signal back up after outage

Signal back up after outage

UK's Deliveroo raises $180 million from investors, valued at $7 billion

UK's Deliveroo raises $180 million from investors, valued at $7 billion

New push to cut light pollution and keep the skies dark in WA

Around the world, dark night skies filled with stars are increasingly being brightened by artificial light pollution. But now new housing developments could be forced to comply with a "dark sky" policy aimed at preserving the night sky for future generations.

Why senior Labour figures think their party needs to start upping its game

Whenever Labour gets excited about the failings of the Tories, the party should remember a vital statistic. In the past 75 years, only three Labour leaders have ever won parliamentary majorities. This dismal history is constantly in the thoughts of Keir Starmer, as is the desire to make himself the fourth name on the brief list composed of Clement Attlee, Harold Wilson and Tony Blair. Though very different personalities operating in very...

There are six types of retirees — which are you?

Everyone transitions to retirement differently.

My son inherited money after his father was killed in an accident. A woman came forward with another legal heir. What now?

‘After exhausting all efforts and suing me personally, she is left with no legal avenues. She has now asked if the two can have a relationship.’

HAMISH MCRAE: Strong US under Joe Biden will boost Britain

Stand by for a strong US recovery. On Wednesday Biden becomes President. But already his administration has moved to thump $1.9trillion into the American economy.

The COVID-19 earnings recession is expected to remain, but an end may be in sight

After the holiday quarter snapped an earnings recession last year, the same is not expected this year --- but it isn't impossible, and may happen three months later.

Peter Hargreaves believes European firms will move to London

Hargreaves is a strong believer that the UK is able to 'rise to the occasion'. And the billionaire founder of Hargreaves Lansdown has no time for critics of its loyalty to Neil Woodford either.

Objective flags 70 per cent H1 profit rise

Software group Objective Corporation has hit a record share price after flagging a 70 per cent rise in first-half net profit.

Trump brand tarnished after bruising presidency and Capitol attack

Donald Trump shot to prominence with a business empire that bears his name, but after four years of political tumult capped by his supporters' violent attack on the Capitol, the US president's brand stands tarnished, threatening his businesses, experts say. This is a person who's synonymous with a mob attacking the US Capitol," he said.

Reynolds joins revamped Supercars outfit

Supercars star David Reynolds has joined revamped team Kelly Grove Racing for the 2021 championship after his exit from Erebus Motorsport.

Fair Work is taking cafe chain 85 Degrees to court over a fake internship program which allegedly underpaid foreign workers

Cafe chain 85 Degrees is being taken to court by the Fair Work Commission after allegedly underpaying workers almost $430,000 over a 12-month period.

Less danger from JobKeeper end: Deloitte

Deloitte Access Economics believes the recovery in the jobs market so far makes it less dangerous for JobKeeper to end in March.